Our Story

Our Story

During a complex multi-day ski traverse along the Wapta Icefield, the idea for our app originally sparked. After a lengthy pre-trip planning and packing process for our group (four friends spread across four different cities), we were inspired to create a platform that could reduce friction in the packing process for future adventures.

Our Mission

To increase the safety and enjoyment of outdoor adventures by improving competency and preparedness.

Our Vision

Our suite of trip preparation and packing tools, along with contributions from a community of passionate users aims to create an ecosystem where you can always be prepared for your outdoor excursions. Forgetting an important item can be embarrassing at best, or life threatening and dangerous depending on the circumstances. With packup, we will ensure that no item is left behind.

The Team

Taylor Burk


Taylor is a professional photographer in the outdoor adventure & travel space. Utilizing Instagram as a way to market himself in the beginning of his career, he has been able to gain popularity as well as secure sponsors and commercial clients from around the world over the past 6 years. His work is not only a representation of his skill, but a testament to the deep affinity for nature he possesses. When he’s not traversing the globe taking photos, Burk keeps busy exploring his extended backyard of British Columbia in a converted 4runner and by bike.

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Mack Carson


Mack is a ramen and pho aficionado, travel fanatic, avid alpinist, and finance whiz. After receiving his BComm in finance, Mack spent four years working in commercial real estate finance where his team sourced over $500 million in funds for clients. He recently traded in his suit and tie with the goal of getting more involved in the start-up world, as he has always been keen to continue his lifelong learning, and have the chance to grow a business from its infancy. Mack recently moved out west, and has been settling into his new home of Victoria, BC.

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Tony Mamo


Tony is a senior software engineer, designer, and outdoors enthusiast. A self-taught developer, he started out freelancing and eventually landed at a Fortune 10 company. After realizing the corporate life wasn't for him, he has since worked at several startups, working remotely, where he really found his ideal work-life balance. He enjoys the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, which enabled him to spend a year on the road in a Sprinter van with his wife and dog, exploring all over North America. He has since settled down in Michigan, but is always dreaming up new travel locations, and occasionally traveling out of a cargo trailer he converted into a camper.

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